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Comprehensive electric water pump repairs, services and sales

Pumps Online sells a range of electric pumps for an assortment of applications. Whether you need to water your garden, clear your sump or keep your pond and waterfall well supplied with water, you will need an electric pump. We have a variety of pumps designed for both residential and commercial use. Enquire today and find out more.

Remove excess water

A sump pump is used to remove any excess water that has collected in a sump basin. These pumps are used to help prevent the basement flooding in your house, which often happens when the water table sits above the foundation levels of your house.

Electric water pumps

Whether you want to power your water supply for your garden pond or waterfall, remove excess water in your sump basin, or transfer water from your rain rank for irrigation or ablution purposes, we have a suitable and affordable solution.

Convertible jet pumps

Hardy and reliable jet pumps, suitable for supplying high pressure water from numerous applications:

  • Transfer water from dams, rivers and bore holes
  • Fill up tanks
  • Supply sprinklers
  • Stock watering

Water pumps with pressure switches

We sell a range of HM series stainless steel horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump pressure systems which use a pressure switch control.


  • Suitable for high water temperatures
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Compact
  • Simple installation

HM series stainless steel – horizontal multistage

Compact electric pump with a number of useful applications including:

  • Water supply and transfer
  • Irrigation and large scale watering
  • Wash down
  • Water treatment
  • Filling and emptying reservoirs and tanks

Shallow well water pump

Single stage centrifugal pumps with inbuilt injectors. These pumps are ideal for supplying high pressure water from surface or shallow water sources.

  • Good supplying water
  • Filling tanks
  • Watering
  • Supplying sprinklers for irrigation

Contact Pumps Online for all your electric water pump requirements.

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