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Are You Ready For This Bush Fire Season?
A fire plan is the first step to ensuring you are on the way to being bush fire ready.  The next, is to ensure you and your equipment are prepared for the season. All the evidence from years of experience, indicates the importance of having an engine powered pump for both asset protection as well as post fire management of burning fences or surrounding vegetation, as well as other structures including buildings Davey manufactures our world-famous Firefighter® pump ends in Melbourne and f...
How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer
Opening your pool for the summer should be a low stress, highly anticipated event for the entire family. Assuming you’ve done some winter preparation by covering the pool and protecting the pump, the pool\'s opening day should proceed free of trouble. Here\'s what you need to do. Step 1 - Remove Leaves and Winter Debris You may encounter fall and winter residual leaves, dirt, and general weather buildup on and around the pool. Before removing the cover, blow any leaves or debris off the po...