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  • Water Filtration
    Water Filtration

    Water is essential for life… a healthy lifestyle is promoted with water, free from contamination and impurities Rainwater can provide continuous clean , safe and fresh tasting water for your home.

    Three easy steps for clean , safe, drinking of your rainwater.

    1. Coarse Filtration

    2. Fine Filtration

    3. Ultra Violet Disinfection

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps
    Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps

    Davey Silensor Series and Celsior spa pumps

    Innovative Pool Pumps


    Cost Saving


    Long lasting



  • Fire Protection
    Fire Protection

    Australian designed and manufactured fire Firefighter pumps

    Easily the most popular high pressure engine driven self priming pump in the country

    Class leading performance and Superior priming and suction lift performance

    Choice of single or twin impeller models, as well as larger capacity models up to 13hp

    A host of user friendly design features

  • Household

    Rainwater harvesting… Rainbank does the thinking for you by automatically switching the water source from the domestic mains to the rainwater supply stored in the tank whenever a toilet is flushed or a washing machine used.

    Seamless and Convenient

    Environmentally Friendly

    Easy to Install


    Home Pressure Systems

  • Irrigation

    Approximately half of all household water is used outside the home. Climate change and growing demand for water means that water efficiency is now more important than ever.

    Slimline submersible Borehole Pumps manufactured from corrosion and abrasion resistant materials with proven and reliable design for arduous conditions

  • Industrial

    Sump Pump models to suit commercial, rural and domestic applications are tough suckers, with robust designs for long service life. Horizontal Multistage pumps..designed to give high performance and long operating life, ideal for high head water transfer, irrigation systems, beverage and food industries, dairy vat washing and fire services pressure boosting

  • Farming And Agriculture
    Farming & Agriculture

    VM Series Pumps offer a full range of quality vertical multistage centrifugal pumps with 304 stainless steel hydraulic parts.

    HM Series all stainless steel Horizontal Multistage pumps are premium quality pumps, designed to give high performance and long operating life.

    Monsoon Pump sets can accommodate up to 6 hydraulically similar pumps up to 110kW plus a jockey pump.

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davey water products logoDavey Water Products manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of products for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water and is a market leader in Australia and New Zealand exporting to more than 50 separate countries, servicing some of the toughest environmental and climatic conditions on the globe.

Davey works to Lean practices, is an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed Company and been certified to ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management System.

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